Hodgytour  -  Day 6

Gibb River Road
Bush Camp to Bush Camp - via Manning Gorge

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Woke up in the bush camp at 5am to watch the sunrise in the east as the full moon was setting in the west. Another magical moment. 


Just after we left the campsite we met another NTAT bus coming from Broome. As the other driver pulled down his window to talk to Hodgy, he got squirted by our water pistols - to squeals of delight from all on our bus and worried looks of  dismay from those on the other bus. Two hour drive til we had a 'toilet' stop, then another long drive til we arrived at Mount Barnett Roadhouse, where we booked in and headed to the Manning Gorge entrance.
There was on option to swim about 50 metres across the stream or walk 20 mins around it. 6 of us chose to swim and had a wonderful lazy time getting across to other side to wait for the others. The water was clear, warm and still - just broken by our squeals and skylarking.  We met up with the others and then went on the one hour hike to the Gorge.
Manning Gorge was magnificent. We swam around the falls and onto the falls. Some of the boys climbed right to the top and jumped off. The scenery was magic. And Hodgy's fruit cake gave us a bit of energy for the walk back.

After the one hour hike back to the stream, the hardy set started to swim back. The we were told that people had seen crocodiles in the water. Well, there was no dawdling and playing in the water on the swim back - everyone took off as fast as they could. Thankfully we saw no crocodiles.

Morning in Camp.pg.jpg (56681 bytes) Crossing the Stream.jpg (60681 bytes)
Early morning in Hodgy's hollow. Some in tents, some just in swags. Slowly crossing the stream on the way to the Manning Gorge hike.On the way back, we swam very fast!
Manning GorgeWaterfalls.pg.jpg (54136 bytes) Facing the Warefalls.jpg (45607 bytes)
The cascading waterfalls at Manning Gorge Some of the wonderful scenery facing the Waterfalls
in Waterfalls.jpg (55295 bytes) Boab above Galvans Gorge.jpg (30502 bytes)
Frolicking in the Waterfalls Boab tree above the Waterfall at Galvan's Gorge
Back to the bus and Necia had lunch all waiting for us. She had all the leftovers made into great salads as well as all the other other stuff all made up for us. It was great. Then back to the Station, where we refueled and got more ice.

Short stop at Galvan's Gorge before sunset. A pretty spot, but not nearly as good/grand as Manning Gorge.

Then a short drive watching the sunset and the moon rise - the moon was a huge ball on the horizon. Then we stopped and made another bush camp for the night.

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