Hodgytour  -  Day 5

Gibb River Road

Hodgey on a Rock at Zebedee Springs (26164 bytes)

El Questro Station to Durack River

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Breakfast at El Questro camp site, by the River

Zebedee Springs - El Questro. Beautiful, warm, wonderful, amazing. Palm trees and waterfalls and warm water.

Emma Gorge - El Questro. A long hike, then a beautiful gorge, freezing cold water, but a warm spring on one side. Amazing, beautiful, magnificent.

Coffee break back at the Restaurant near the El Questro bungalows - a beautiful spot - and a must for a wonderful 2 week holiday - I am dreaming of it.

Along the Gibb River Road. Magnificent Cockburn Ranges and crossing the wide Penecost River. This was the first week that the River crossing was open.

and The Football!!.

Lunch by the Pentecost River.

Cross the Durack River and camp at sunset at Hodgy's Hollow.

Camping  in a quarry all on our ownsome. Poem readings, snake twisting and water pistols around the campfire.

Packing the truck at El Questro.jpg (45958 bytes) Zebedee Springs1.jpg (49247 bytes)
Getting ready to leave the El Questro campsite Zebedee Springs - warm water amongst the Palms.
Palm Trees at Zebedee.jpg (45276 bytes) Emma Gorge waterfall.jpg (51002 bytes)
Palm Trees at Zebedee springs Emma Gorge Waterfall - high and magnificent, with freezing water
Warm Spring at Emma Gorge.jpg (48776 bytes) Emma Gorge Restaurant.jpg (24339 bytes)
Hodgy handing out bickies, as we enjoyed the warm springs at Emma Gorge Tara, Dane and Marcel relaxing, after our Emma gorge hike,   on the verandah of the Emma Gorge restaurant - a beautiful spot
Crossing the Pentecost river.jpg (43487 bytes) The Football.jpg (23855 bytes)
Crossing the Pentecost River - the first time The Football !!!
The Football2.jpg (15125 bytes) NT_Tours_a.jpg (64688 bytes)
and a close up. try to spot Mel Crossing the Penecost River - the second time. With the magnificent Cockburn Ranges in the background.
campfire.jpg (54504 bytes) Cooking Rice.jpg (48038 bytes)
our nightly routine around the campfire on our backless camp stools. Cooking 2 bags of rice for dinner. Tara has one, Marcel the other. Spot Mel again.

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