Hodgytour  -  Day 3

A super magic day - the Bungle Bungles

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A spectacular day of colours and contrasts. Was definitely a 2 roll day !!

Woke at 5, left the camp site at 6:45 to go the helipcopter pad, where about 6 of the group went for a helicopter flight over the bungles. The rest of us played baseball - sort of.

Drive into the south end of the Bungles - amazing scenery as we drove in. The colours were stunning, the beehive rocks were stripes of red and black/grey highlighted against a vivid blue sky. The beehives were backdrops for stands of yellow wattle, vivid red grevilleas,  white and green eucalypus trees, and green spinifex mounds.  There were many stops for photos.

and then a walk into Cathedral Gorge, with Daniel taking his Didgeridoo. It was an easy walk, walking on pebbles down a dry river bed, with some clambering over rocks at the end. At the end there was a huge cavern with high walls all around and a small pool. Daniel played his didgeridoo in the a cavern, to the accompaniment of Alex's sticks - it was awesome!!

Back to the campsite for lunch and then to the nothern end of the Bungles. Also spectacular, not so much beehive, but very red and black conglomerate rock.

Went for a walk into Echidna Chasm. Stunning. Starts down a creek bed on pebbles, then into the narrow chasm 200m high. Walls are all little rocks 'glued' together. The narrow chasm became narrower and towards the end there were 2 huge rock piles to climb over. At the end was a tall narrow chamber. Palm trees could be seen at the top and also growing out of the rocks on the sides. Unfortunately Kris was not feeling well - so she missed taking 2 extra rolls of film.

Then a walk into Frog Hollow. This was a lot of clambering over rocks and climbing up and down. The scenery was again spectacular. At the end was a pool with people swimming ( but not us, as Hodgy said it was stagnant water!), and thousands of tiny brown frogs everywhere - they were not much bigger than blowflies. The gorge was very high. Then we dropped Kris back at camp.

Then off to the lookout to see the sunset, with wine and nibblies, over the Ormiston Ranges, with the reflections and shadows on the Bungle Bungles opposite. Beautiful! We just made it as the sun went down - with the boys running up the hill to be there to catch 'that'  photo. A 360 degree view.

Bungles with grevillea.jpg (46085 bytes) The Bungles with red grevilleas in the  foreground
Bungles with Spinifex.jpg (35977 bytes) The Bungles with spinifex in the foreground
Daniel Cathedral Gorge.jpg (26219 bytes) Daniel in the base of Cathedral Gorge, playing the Didgeridoo
Frog hollow.jpg (47470 bytes)  

Inside Frog Hollow, with sand, palmtrees and lots of rocks.

Brett, Mark, Marcel, Dane, Hodgy, Daniel, Ludeke

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