Hodgytour  -  Day 4

Bungle Bungles to El Questro

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Woke before sunrise, left camp at 7:30am. Tara's birthday

Drove the 2 hour 55k trip out of the park, back to the Mabel Downs gate, then stopped at Turkey Creek for toilets and nosh. Then  1 1/2 hour drive to a camping area for lunch. Then 1/2 hour drive to Wyndham turnoff. Drove through Wyndham up to the 5 Rivers Lookout - quite amazing. Very high up and a panoramic outlook over a huge flat estuary area with (obviously!) 5 rivers meandering into the area. Then drove into a Wyndham, a spread out but very small town. There was a port area, with only one ship there. At the supermarket, Hodgy had to pick up the next food and ice order. Huge job with most helping to empty all the eskies of water and old ice and then put in new ice and repack the food and add the new food. Then a refueling stopped while we all walked over to an area with huge statues of Aborigines and animals, a tribute to the peoples of the area.

But the boys had bought water pistols in the shop, so lots of fun as people got chased and squirted as we admired the statues. Then drive through to El Questro station. It was a sealed road for about 30km til we reached the Gibb River Road turnoff, then onto the unsealed Gibb River Road as we watched a beautiful sunset over the ranges. Then we turned left (each turn was greeted with claps as we did not have many of them!) into El Questro. More dirt road and plenty of 'floodways'. We arrived at the Ranger station and made our way to our campsite, where we made camp, had long hot showers (accompanied with hundreds - no thousands - of tiny mosquitoes),  made dinner, then went to the outside bar for a celebration for Tara's birthday. The group presented her with the 'FAR OUT' number plate that Hodgy had found on the road. Everyone had signed it and it was 'gift wrapped'. We had bought Sara Lee cakes, snakes and freckles at Wyndham, and with the Sparklers bought by Mel and Marlene, we had a great party. The highlight of the night was the snake knot tying competition, with Irish Man the absolute winner, being able to tie 2 snakes together (in his mouth, no hands!!). The photo to commemorate this is on the front page - the only photo of all the group together with Hodgy.  Then exhausted we all headed for bed.

Even though the day was a lot of driving, there were plenty of 'photo opportunities' and it was a good day, a very relaxing, fun day - a bit of a break from all the strenuous hiking.

Morning at Camp.jpg (46450 bytes) Inside bus - the front.jpg (30785 bytes)
Morning at the Camp  in the Bungles Inside the bus - after Hodgy found the FAR OUT.
Inside bus - the back.jpg (29952 bytes) termite mound with fungi.jpg (24505 bytes)
Inside the bus - the back end. Dane was the only one who never changed his seat. One of the more interesting termite mounds - with fungi growing out of the top.
5Rivers Lookout 1jpg.jpg (38124 bytes) Wyndham main street.jpg (25345 bytes)
One of the many photos from the 5 Rivers Lookout at Wyndham. An amazing panorama. The main street of Wyndham - good thing there were not too many cars!
Repacking the Eskies at Wyndham.jpg (30155 bytes) Statues.jpg (29903 bytes)
Repacking the eskies at Wyndham with food and ice - there was soooo much food! Huge statues of Aborigines and animals in Wyndham
Tara with statue.jpg (36602 bytes) Water pistol fight.jpg (32861 bytes)
See, I said they were huge statues. Oh, but you didn't read that. Never mind. Here is Tara with one of the huge statues. Brett, Dane, Marcel, Sarah - the first water pistol fight. Spot the water pistol. Spot Dane's water bottle - how many did he leave spread around Australia!
Tara and Sarah.jpg (26409 bytes) Hodgey and snake.jpg (29393 bytes)
Party time at El Questro station bar A classic shot of Hodgy! A knotted snake!